Monday, August 30, 2010

Grade Book

There are a great many report books or grade books on the market. They boast various ways of tracking and organizing student information, have various page layouts to make finding data easy, blah, blah, blah... But they're all just plain boring on the outside. I mean, this thing is probably the one book I have with me all day, every day, and it looks just like every other drab grade book in the world.

Can't have that, can we?

So I hit A.C. Moore and found some awesome papers by Cosmo Cricket (the "Mr. Roboto" series). They were on clearance! Some coordinating stickers from the discount bin, and I was all set. After a bit of cutting, stamping and doodling, this is now the front cover of my grade book.

Much improved, right?

I just did the back quickly, so that it would match.

For two bucks in supplies, I think this was well worth the effort. Now to find some clear contact paper to protect it from wear and tear...

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